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I like dark humor, am prone to outbursts of snarky sarcasm, and prefer a bonfire on a frigid day. I have opinions on certain matters, I am just far less likely to share them now, if only because, as opinions often do, they change. I love a great horror flick, but I cry horribly when I watch Steel Magnolias. I love vampires, but well, I suppose there really is no but there. I am not so great at snapping pics and am down to the phone camera for now, but I love to see how I can play with whatever settings are available on it. My husband loves me, I love him. We've been together for eons and plan to be together for eons more. We homeschool and I'm not going to argue the case for homeschooling but I will say it does allow for my kids to grow up without certain pressures that are such a concern otherwise. If my daughter wants to create a mini-replica of medieval torture devices, so be it damn it (which she actually has done). We love our animals, hell, we love animals period. We feed our squirrels (pronounced squir-rels) and homeless cats. I love to cook, sew and find new ways to be creative. I like to talk to the ghosts in our house, they don't interrupt. Is that enough? Sure it is.

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